Notion: All your workspace into one App

Stay on top of all your chores, work tasks, deadlines and live a stress-free life.
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Stay on top of all your chores, work tasks, deadlines and live a stress-free life.

What is Notion?

According to the English Oxford Dictionary, Notion is defined as an idea, a belief or an understanding of something.

But is the unseen magical universe that lasts FOREVER.

Little too dramatic, isn't it?

Probably you would have not heard of this AMAZINGGGG tool. Let me try to define what Notion means TO ME.

Notion is a repository where you can edit docs and invite people to collaborate and manage everything in a structured manner. With Notion, you can stay on top of all your chores, work tasks, deadlines and live a stress-free life. As of April 2020, 4 million people are using Notion.

Notion Vs. Microsoft Word

We have literally grown up with Microsoft Word. No doubts.

MS Word is a classic, go-to document writing tool for all of us, but does it have the capability to add a task board, drag and drop feature or embedding another document inside one document where you can live scroll the embedded document? I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong, MS Word is an excellent professional tool to structure assignments or a professional document. Still, it is not a good note-taking or an all in one workspace tool. You will need the entire Office 365 suite to get the whole fruit. Whereas with Notion, it is just ONE TOOL for all your needs.

Notion's inbuilt free templates have everything literally for you to get started. With Notion, you can customise the dashboard to bits. Literally, Notion grows with you.

Enough bragging about Notion; let's look at their different features.

Notion Features

Notion: The feature filled ultimate collaborative workspace.

Notion is the ONLY tool you need for your school, college, and course, for your workplace and home. Notion meets your need with the highly customisable dashboard with more than 50 features. Here are some of the features I use regularly.

  1. New Pages
  2. Import Tasks
  3. To-Do List View
  4. Spreadsheet View
  5. Task Board View
  6. Collaboration
  7. Calendar view
  8. Roadmap view
  9. Timeline view
  10. Embed Photos, YouTube videos, PDF's, Webpages, Maps and Codes
  11. Invite people to collaborate
  12. Real-Time Editing With Collaborators
  13. Project Planning
  14. Project Tracking
  15. Project Planning
  16. Knowledge Management
  17. Easily prioritise tasks through the drag and drop feature
  18. Search
  19. Table of Contents
  21. Custom Filter
  22. Alerts/Notifications
  23. File Recovery
  24. File Sharing
  25. Export pages as PDF's with watermark
  26. Access Controls/Permissions
  27. Document Archiving
  28. Notion for Mac
  29. Notion for iPhone
  30. Notion for Android
  31. Notion for Windows
  32. Quick Navigation
  33. Free Templates
  34. Notion Dark Mode
  35. Notion Free Tutorials
  36. Text highlights and colours
  37. Bookmark pages
  38. Create Subtasks
  39. Customisable Dashboard
  40. Asset Management
  41. Add Custom Logos and Cover Image
  42. Third-Party Integrations

Oh yeah! I use all the features almost all the time.

As said earlier, Notion is for all. Notion has the unique capability to adapt to the work that you are working on. Notion is for students, teams, startups, remote work, educators, project management, and personal use.

Let's take a brief look at pricing and the specific features of this potent productivity app of 2021

Notion Pricing Plans 2021

There is 4 type of plans for you to select from.

The personal plan → FREE for a lifetime

The personal pro plan → $5/month <PS: Totally worth it>

Team plan → $10/ month per team member.

Enterprise plan → Custom pricing.

To start with... Notion's personal plan is FREE for a lifetime. Adding to several other features, you can create unlimited pages, invite up to 5 guests, and have 5MB storage for file uploads. Some disadvantages of a free plan are that there is a limitation in the file uploads and no version history. This was a huge bummer, so I am currently using the personal pro plan.

Depending on your usage, pick your plan and enjoy organising your life.

I would recommend you start with the personal plan. Also, you can use my $10 credit and get a 2-month free personal pro plan.

Notion for Students

As a student, your goal is to understand and memorise what you have learnt in the class. You are expected to read and refer to other books, articles, journals and other resources to score the best. Some common challenges while taking the best notes for exams are,

  1. Would want to write everything to bits but forget to understand the crux of the theory.
  2. Juggling between multiple platforms to write notes and often finding it really hard to put everything together.
  3. Editing an already handwritten note would butcher the aesthetics of the original record.
  4. Losing of the notes and critical points at the last minute.
  5. The resources could be an online and offline resource. If lost, it gets tough to track.
  6. No common resource platform

Notion Personal Pro plan is absolutely FREE for all students 💯

With Notion as your best friend, you can add notes that last forever. Here are some of the features that you would enjoy,

  1. Notion provides free templates for Class Notes, Job Applications, Reading lists, Thesis Planning, Budget Planning, Syllabus, Timetables and Schedules.
  2. One dashboard for all the resources
  3. Manage your daily To-Do's and schedules in one dashboard
  4. Embed Photos, YouTube videos, PDFs, Webpages, Maps and Codes to your pages
  5. Adding Table of Contents for lengthly documents
  6. Text styling and customisation
  7. Export the documents as PDFs
  8. Add web-clipper to bookmark webpages. It is created as a separate document in your dashboard, and they are beneficial for internal linking.
  9. Set reminders and deadlines
  10. Both online and offline workspace

Notion for Professionals

To be honest, when I started using Notion, I never thought it would be handy for the workplace. In my current job, I liaise with several teams where my daily tasks are never monotonous. Notion is always there with me as a repository with heaps of information and several project tracking tools.

Notion has clear-cut templates specifically designed for your needs. Be it any department, the templates can cover you. It is easy to organise and manage your both personal and professional space in just one app.

Notion allows you to centralise your work in your own way.

I have set up a workplace inside Notion, where I invite my colleagues for real-time collaboration. Here are some of the features that I frequently use for my work.

  1. To-Do lists
  2. Knowledge Repository
  3. Databases
  4. Kanban Board
  5. Project planning and schedule
  6. Search/Filter
  7. Team Collaboration

The dashboard is highly customisable. If you don't find any templates that fit your needs, there are several free templates on Notion. Here are some of my favourite free templates →


Project Schedule

Meeting Minutes

Work Dashboard

With Notion, I can add whatever I want to keep my work and life organised. I have suggested soo many people use Notion, and they are literally in love with the tool.

Download Notion today and get 2 months free Personal Pro plan.

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