Things to buy in the UK - Student Edition

This blog provides a shopping list with Amazon links specifically for international students in the United Kingdom.
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This blog provides a shopping list with Amazon links specifically for international students in the United Kingdom.

There is so much to think about when you are moving to the UK. Especially when you are moving to study, you cannot bring all the bits and bobs. It is suggested that you get basic essentials here in the UK.

Did you know? With your university email ID, you can get 6 months free AMAZON PRIME (for new users)

I benefited a lot from Amazon deliveries during COVID. So, to make your life easy peasy, I have listed down everything you need in different categories with Amazon links. Thank me later 🙂


  1. Instant Pot - 3 Liters - , 6 Liters - - This is a TIME SAVER. You can cook almost every single curry within 20 minutes MAX. It keeps your food warm for 7 hours at least. This is a perfect alternative to a pressure cooker.
  1. Coffee Mug - - I have linked my go to cup 💕. During the winter cold days, I had my coffee hot at least for 4 hours 😇. This was a saviour.
  2. Dinner Set - - It is important that you get a microwavable plates, side plates and bowls. If you are sharing your apartment with few others, it is best to have the dinner set unique and easily identifiable for you.
  3. Cutlery -
  4. Storage Box Set -
  5. Knife -
  6. Kitchen Utensils -
  7. Chopping board -

Room Essentials

  1. Pillows set of 2 -
  2. Duvet single -
  3. Duvet Cover with Pillow Case -
  4. Throw -
  5. Fairy Lights -
  6. Night Lamp -
  7. Extension Cord -


The below brands are my personal preferences.

  1. Floss -
  2. Mouth freshener -
  3. Deo -
  4. Toilet rolls -
  5. Shampoo -
  6. Conditioner -
  7. Face wash -

Stationery Items

  1. Highlighter Pen -
  2. Notebooks -
  3. Stapler -
  4. Pencils -
  5. Scissors -
  6. Document Holder -
  7. Push Pins -
  8. Pens Set -


  1. Winter Jackets
  2. Boots
  3. Flipflops
  4. Socks
  5. Active wears
  6. Jumpers
  7. Hoodies
  8. Scarfs
  9. Neck warmers
  10. Thermal wear
  11. Dress shoes
  12. Gloves and Mittens
  13. T-shirts

Find out more

  1. Take a look at the study abroad packing checklist
  2. Learn about the free note taking app: Notion

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