Portfolio Website on Notion - Set Up Guide

Here is the full set-up guide for the Portfolio Website on Notion Template.
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Here is the full set-up guide for the Portfolio Website on Notion Template.

Hi Hi Hi... Thank you for your interest in checking my Portfolio Website Template. Here is a detailed set-up guide (With pictures).

Alsooo, I would be very happy if you could write me a review here. Thank you in advance 😊

4 Easy Steps to set up your portfolio template

1. Add Basic Info and Colours

Basic Info: Add your basic details such as email address, work phone or any other social media links if you would like to add. I have also added a section to add a favourite quote that tells all about you. You can use that section, either to add your favourite quote or a little bit about you.

Colours: You need to figure out the colours you would like to use. You can find good colour patterns on https://coolors.co/. Generate your favourite colour pallet.

Design: Use Figma or Canva to design the banner. Banner Pixels 1500 minimum in wide. I like the portfolio banner to be simple for the beginning. In the future you can add any announcements to the Banner.

2. Add All About You in a Minimalist fashion

This section is all about design and pictures. Each colour block has a section that can showcase your key skills. The colour blocks need to be in the below pixel format (Left to right and top to bottom)

  • 386 x 483
  • 386 x 254
  • 386 x 33
  • 386 x 578
  • 386 x 200
  • 386 x 257
  • 386 x 257
  • 386 x 257

FYI the pixel numbers are also given in the pictures itself. You can refer to the template again. You can check.

3. Projects and Blogs in a Gallery Mode

For easy navigation through the sections, I have added sections like, projects, blogs, about me and contact form all linked with the respective sections. Yayy πŸŽ‰. So, when you or your reader would like to access the contact section after the blog section, they don’t have to scroll up. Navigation is right on the side. Simple.

Content: The pages are prebuilt, you can add your project contents and blog contents, directly to the page.

Design: Use Figma or Canva to design the banner. Banner Pixels 1500 minimum in wide.

4. Add Contents to About Me section

Add details about you, you work experience and your education details and anything else you would like to add more. I also suggest you to a couple of pictures and videos if you would like to add any.

5. Set-up the contact form with TypeForm

It is soo cool that you can collect email address on Notion. Yeah. You just need to do a few steps to have a contact form embedded.

Step 1: Go to Typeform and create a free account

Step 2: Create your form from scratch or use one of the templates Typeform has.

Step 3: Use the Share Button on your contact form. Copy the form link.

Step 4: Open Notion, and add a new line and start typing /typ and select the option to embed Typeform

Step 4.5 πŸ˜›: Add the link to the Typeform and you a have got a form embedded.

Publish your website in 3 clicks

Once your design is ready, click the share button on the top right of your page, select the option to share to the web, and copy the link to share with the community.

Need any help with setting up your portfolio template? Contact me today. I will help you out.

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