3 best Notion templates to build work-life balance

Notion: The feature filled ultimate collaborative workspace. Read more about my TOP 3 Notion Templates that helps me build better work-life balance.
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Notion: The feature filled ultimate collaborative workspace. Read more about my TOP 3 Notion Templates that helps me build better work-life balance.

Notion: The feature filled ultimate collaborative workspace.

Notion is the ONLY tool you need for your school, college, and course, for your workplace and home. Notion meets your need with the highly customisable dashboard with more than 50 features. Here are some of the features I use regularly.

  1. New Pages
  2. To-Do List View
  3. Spreadsheet View
  4. Task Board View
  5. Collaboration
  6. Calendar view
  7. Roadmap view
  8. Timeline view
  9. Embed Photos, YouTube videos, PDF's, Webpages, Maps and Codes
  10. Invite people to collaborate
  11. Real-Time Editing With Collaborators
  12. Easily prioritise tasks through the drag and drop feature
  13. Table of Contents
  15. Custom Filter
  16. Alerts/Notifications
  17. File Recovery
  18. File Sharing
  19. Export pages as PDF's with watermark

Oh yeah! I use all the features almost all the time.

Some other important features are

  1. Access Controls/Permissions
  2. Document Archiving
  3. Notion for Mac
  4. Notion for iPhone
  5. Notion for Android
  6. Notion for Windows
  7. Quick Navigation
  8. Notion Free Templates
  9. Notion Dark Mode
  10. Notion Free Tutorials
  11. Bookmark pages
  12. Create Subtasks
  13. Customisable Dashboard
  14. Add Custom Logos and Cover Image
  15. Third-Party Integrations

As said earlier, Notion is for all. Notion has the unique capability to adapt to the work that you are working on. Notion is for students, teams, startups, remote work, educators, project management, and personal use.

The dashboard is highly customisable. If you don't find any templates that fit your needs, there are several free templates for Notion by private creators and Notion Ambassadors.

Here are my TOP 3 Notion Templates that helps me build better work-life balance.


When you have a lot of documents, it is really not that easy to find the find the right document and its category if not organised properly. Best way to start working on organising all your work is with a Template.

In Notion it is easy to maintain all the documents in ONE document. Here is an example, During my Masters, I created a repository of all the modules and created individual documents for Lecture Notes, Resources, Plans and other Research. It was easier for me to view all the modules from a high level perspective and of course it kept all the resources in one place.

This is an inbuilt FREE template by Notion. Duplicate the Lesson Plan Template and customise the titles and fields according to your requirement.

Meal Planner

A good meal planner template is when you can have a Recipe Database, Inventory Tracking and a weekly view. This Meal Planner Notion Template by Easlo has the below features.

✓ Weekly Plan

✓ Calendar View

✓ Recipe Database

✓ Collections for Recipes

✓ Inventory Tracking

✓ Sort by Course, Tags or Ratings

I recommend adding another column to the inventory for price. So, it will get easier for you to estimate your shopping budget for the month.

The template is very simple, neat, easy to understand and very minimal customisation is required.

Habit Tracker

Getting your actions together is the reason why we want to get organised and have a central system. This FREE habit tracker template by Taylor Milliman is easy to track your progress throughout the week.

The template gives an high-level perspective at the end of the month of how well I am doing. At the moment, I have started using this template. Found no complications. It is very easy to add your regular habits and start tracking them.

With Notion, I can add whatever I want to keep my work and life organised. I have suggested soo many people use Notion, and they are literally in love with the tool. You would love it as well. Give it a try.

🥂 to a healthy lifestyle.

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