2 steps to create your website on Notion

Create Websites or Portfolio sites for free in minutes. This blog will give you a straightforward cheat sheet for building a no-code Website on Notion.
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Create Websites or Portfolio sites for free in minutes. This blog will give you a straightforward cheat sheet for building a no-code Website on Notion.

In this competitive world, promoting oneself or personal branding is one of the most essential things anyone would want to do. Not many would agree with this but answer me one question. You are talented and have so many skills, and how would you let people know about you and your skills? By just adding that to your CV? Absolutely NOT. You have got to tell people about your skills. To showcase your skills, there are several ways.

  1. Write and publish blogs on your website.
  2. Finding your niche and promoting yourself on Social Media. LinkedIn is an excellent way to talk about anything related to your career.
  3. Share what you are doing and your success via email.

This blog will have all the details about point no 1. Have a website to promote yourself and your work.

2 simple steps to create your website on Notion

If I said you could build a Notion website in less than an hour and without any coding knowledge, would you believe me? You got to believe me. I will give you a straightforward cheat sheet for building a no-code Website on Notion.


What is Notion?

According to the English Oxford Dictionary, Notion is defined as an idea, a belief or an understanding of something.

But Notion.so is the unseen magical universe that lasts FOREVER.

Little too dramatic, isn't it?

Probably you would have not heard of this AMAZINGGGG tool. So let me try to define what Notion means TO ME.

Notion is a repository where you can edit docs and invite people to collaborate and manage everything in a structured manner. With Notion, you can stay on top of all your chores, work tasks, deadlines and live a stress-free life. As of April 2020, 4 million people are using Notion.

Notion is Free

Yes, you heard it right. Notion's personal plan is FREE for lifetime. Adding to several other features, you can create unlimited pages, invite up to 5 guests, and have 5MB storage for file uploads. However, some disadvantages of a free plan are a limitation in the file uploads and no version history. This was a huge bummer, so I am using the personal pro plan.

Depending on your usage, pick your plan and enjoy organising your life.

I would recommend you start with a personal plan. Also, you can use my $10 credit and get a 2-month free personal pro plan.

How to create a website on Notion?

Developing a website usually takes a lot of effort, time and money. For example, I have developed several no-code websites (that is for another blog) and would have easily spent £150 for the domain and hosting every year. That's a real cost for any website development.

Whether you are developing a portfolio, careers page or a blog page, you can do it all with Notion and for free. Practically you can publish a webpage for free with 2 simple steps.

1. Create your webpage design

Notion is straightforward to understand. Notion is as simple as Microsoft Word but BETTER. Seriously. You will be sorted if you sign up and work with the tool for 10 minutes. After that, you can create your own page design.

Alternatively, there are several webpage templates for free by the creator community and Notion itself. I have created a FREE Portfolio Webpage design especially for you.

2. Publish your website in 3 clicks

Once your design is ready, click the share button on the top right of your page, select the option to share to the web, and copy the link to share with the community.

If you are looking at publishing a website with a custom domain, performance, security and SEO, you got to wait for my next week’s blog 😛 Signup to my newsletter and be the first one to hear about it.

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